By Ted Hewett, Culture Consultant at Totem

Gamification is now a part of daily life, whether you’re actually playing a game on your Smartphone, booking a hotel online or simply using a piece of technology designed to bring fun into using it. We see leaderboards, loyalty point programmes and rating systems on a daily basis, all brought to the user as a consumer-first priority.

Most work technology, unlike consumer tech, is not created with the player in mind, rather it is designed around the problem it is trying to solve. We can take inspiration from the game elements, which are at the core of gamification, to create engaging and fun technology that employees actually enjoy using. When everyone is using your tech regularly, you can build community and supercharge your teams.

For more on how gamification can and will enhance workplace culture, see my presentation from the Culture Jam event we ran with the EEA on the 19th September – full presentation here.

I am sure the subject will crop up again at our upcoming Culture Open Mic night (more info on this event coming very soon). Make sure you get the info hot off the press by following us on Twitter. If you have any questions on anything I have raised here or in the video, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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