Going for Gold! Camm & Hooper’s Award Win

In 2013 Camm & Hooper (C&H) launched its first venue with less than 20 team members, now consisting of 7 venues and over 150 team members this quick growth came with some challenges. C&H found it increasingly difficult to maintain the communication, engagement and camaraderie that defined them in their early days, so set out to build and improve employee collaboration and cohesion between their venues.

After researching the market for a platform that would help them achieve their goals, C&H chose the Totem culture tech app. Totem is at the forefront of Social’s transition from consumer tech to enterprise tech, it feels just like consumer social products we use every day but is validated by its consistently sky-high adoption and usage, which traditional engagement platforms find difficult to achieve. The app is designed solely around the people using it, making it a fun and enjoyable experience to share important moments with colleagues. 

“We turned it on and literally twenty-four hours later our entire team were on it. They were engaged, they were posting pictures, they were showing that they were proud” Debra Ward, Managing Director, “It has been designed with the end-user in mind, it has been designed with the blend of work and life, it has been designed to make sure that we’re accolading and acknowledging our people on the way, it’s fun and it’s joyful”. 

Since introducing Totem, Camm & Hooper have seen a 46% increase in survey responses, and a 10% increase in employee engagement. Totem has not only enabled C&H to galvanise their People around their purpose and culture, irrespective of where they are based or what role they have, but it has given them cultural insight they would not have had otherwise. Not only that, the app is seeing almost two-thirds of employees as daily active users, connecting members across all venues in a way that not possible before. 

To learn more about Camm & Hooper’s story and how we support others on their culture journeys, get in touch or come and see us at one of our events!

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