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Hey Sarah 😁

Hope you’re having an amazing day!

First off – watch this:

Bridging the gap between our personal and work lives, especially when it comes to how we feel at work, is a real challenge for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Given the success you’ve been having at Electricity North West, I’m sure you’ve found that those interpersonal relationships are more important than ever! So, I was wondering if you’ve been having a think about how you all communicate, recognise, or generally connect with each other?

To explain in a bit more detail what we do, there is a full live demo of Totem that you can play with. Click below to make it come alive:

It would be great to speak! My email is ted@totem.team, feel free to pop me a message back there or on LinkedIn if a chat would be of interest.

Or, if it’s easier, you can pick any time out of my diary by clicking HERE

Looking forward to hearing from you,