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HI Sian and Jenny 👋🏼

Thanks for clicking the link- I’ve made you guys a short video to introduce myself and Totem.

I’d love to discuss in further detail where Farfetch is on its cultural journey.

Working with a number of organisations who have similar value based people centric cultures, we’ve achieved some amazing things around communications, community building and creating a sense of meaning and connectivity at work.

I’l be reaching out over the next few days, but if you’d like to reach me first, my mobile is 07796 851848 and my email is omer@totem.team.

Or, if it’s easier:

Below I’ve Included:
1) 90 second video that explains what we do
2) Fully interactive demo of Totem to play with (looks great on mobile 📱)

Lots of Love
Omer x