How Totem is Keeping Furloughed Teams Engaged for Free

To help companies reconnect with their 7.5 million workers currently furloughed across the UK, we’re offering the Totem app for free. 

COVID-19’s impact has forced workplaces to implement remote work culture overnight, transforming the way they communicate with their teams. Many management teams are ill-prepared to keep their people informed, engaged and connected; furloughed employees feeling particularly disconnected from their companies and colleagues. 

In light of this, we’re offering Totem free to companies supporting furloughed teams. At Totem, it’s our goal to help companies build, measure and evolve work culture leading to a central space for company communication. So how can Totem help companies keep their furloughed teams engaged?

The State of Employee Engagement  

At work, we grow businesses and build relationships through shared experiences, which often gives us a sense of direction, growth and purpose. While some furloughed employees may appreciate a break from work and routine others may be experiencing a feeling of disconnect with the workplace during this time. 

Not only are people experiencing a loss of familiar work structure and routine but the support system of our personal relationships has also been impacted through social distancing measures. It’s likely that feelings of fear, uncertainty and frustration are creeping in amongst your furloughed employees but these could be eased by certain mindful actions from leadership. 

It’s important to remember that as this situation continues to evolve and teams are guided through lockdown to eventually the return to work – new tools will be needed to make that a smooth transition. It’s in your best interest that your people return motivated, informed and of course, in good health – both mentally and physically. 

To do this, you need a consistent, open dialogue in place to communicate with employees, generate feedback and monitor engagement . That’s where Totem comes in. 

How Totem Helps Companies Keep Teams Engaged  

Totem provides businesses with a native, mobile-first platform that connects leadership with their teams to communicate strategy, business operations and culture. Totem boosts employee engagement further than you’d see on your average internal communications tool because aesthetically, it’s not dissimilar to a social network.

“Last year, we integrated a number of brands and people together in one unity and Totem has immediately helped bind us together as colleagues with a shared culture. It’s allowed us to really drive community and to show a new level of  real-time transparency between leadership, strategy and the business.” Neil Atkinson, Proposition and Innovate Manager at Mercer. 

Companies utilising Totem benefit from: 

  • A central space for important comms: Quickly share updates to a news feed that presents your messages in short, digestible snippets to everyone in your company. Perfect for updating teams on COVID-19 impact and your business response. 
  • Increase Leadership Visibility: Create a space for employees to find your essential documentation easily in our dashboard whilst also making your CEO and leadership team more visible for important announcements.  
  • Understand changing behaviours: Create a channel for honest, anonymous feedback through curated surveys and questionnaires on a platform employees love. 
  • Increased Engagement: Team members are able to post, share experiences, interact and give kudos to each other – keeping colleagues visible and connected with the workplace and driving remote culture. 

“Personally, Totem helps me understand how the team are really doing and how they are coping with being separated. It gives us a window on each other’s worlds, where we can share and support each other. I feel physically distant but emotionally connected with furloughed and non-furloughed colleagues in a very powerful way, and that gives me confidence in the future.” – Marcus Thornley, CEO of Totem

We’re offering companies supporting furloughed teams access to Totem for free, to drive engagement, boost communication around important updates and help maintain work connectedness that makes businesses successful. You can be up and running within 2 weeks with no onboarding and our full support, for free. 

For more information, get our Furlough Information Pack here or speak to a member of our team. 

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