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Hey Laura 😁

Welcome to this page that I made just for you 👋🏻

First off – watch this for a bit of context:

Story telling is something we take super seriously – so much so that Totem itself is built on the principal of shared narratives, and acts very much like a cultural canvas.

To explain in a bit more detail what we do I’ve added on a video to the end of mine that explains the technology, and there is even a full live demo of Totem that you can play with.

Click below to make it come alive:

It would be great to speak and find out more about your beautifully designed approach to insurance.

My email is ted@totem.team, feel free to pop me a message back there or on LinkedIn if a chat would be of interest.

Or, if it’s easier, you can pick any time out of my diary by clicking HERE

Looking forward to hearing from you,