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Play’s Halloween Treasure Hunt 🎃🧟‍♂️

Courtesy of our games master Tim Comerford, a few days before 30th October we were all teased a Halloween Treasure Hunt. On the day of, our first clue was dropped on Totem so everyone knew where to start. The challenge was companywide, so included everyone in Play, Totem, and contractors too.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to spoil the clues so you know how to switch them up for your own treasure hunt!



For anyone who isn’t familiar with Totem Towers, we’re on Bermondsey street where we have basement rooms – one of which almost sits under the street above. The first clue led our Players to a skeleton torso, and, the next clue:


Mario Kart is pretty much part of your induction into Play, and the highest score you can get is 60 in our ‘legal races’. So, this clue led us back past the reception and up to the first floor, to our game room where the consoles are. Here we picked an arm, and the next clue:


Our next clue was back downstairs in reception right by where we greet all our guests. By this point, we’ve all got a torso and two arms. On to the next clue:


On the second floor of our office, we’ve got a poster of – which looks remarkably like Che Guevera. Underneath this picture, we had a scary search for our first leg. Reach your hand into the unknown… which included lots of trying to make each other jump. You may also be able to spot on the table a picture of your face here…


Please note, no office managers were harmed in the process! On to the last clue:


Back on down to the ground floor by the lifts, we picked up our last limb. Remember where you saw your face before? That’s right, back up to the second floor. (Admittedly a little out of puff for now, so yes we did sneak up in the lift!)


Before you were allowed to take a picture of your head to complete your skeleton, you had a small task to complete – eat a ghostly marshmallow on the washing line:


This completed our skeleton and our Halloween Treasure Hunt! The prize being, sweets! And of course, lots of laughs and fun.


A few of our Play skeletons on show here 🙂