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Hey Team Tarmac

We wanted to make sure you’ve got easy access to any questions you might have following this meeting.

Below are a few documents for you to check out at your own speed. These should give you a full idea of who we are, what Totem does, and how it could be successfully rolled out to your people:

Also, if you click below, you’ll be redirected to a fully interactive live demo of Totem. This instance is built using the fictional company BananaCorp – they’re a great bunch (pun intended)

Finally, all our contact details are below in case you have any questions or would like any more information at all:

Ted Hewett – ted@totem.team – 07814 544 669

Sam Little – sam@totem.team – 07884 113 185

Scott Bryne-Fraser – scott@totem.team

Hope you’re having a wonderful day 😁

-Team Totem