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Hey Team Visa 😁

It was fantastic to get together and learn more about your 2020 objectives and how you’re looking to share stories, get more regular people data, and recognise amazing work and behaviours.

There were a few resources we thought you might find helpful following on from the meeting. First off, here’s a short video that explains a bit about how Totem can supercharge your teams:

(If you’re more of a reader here’s a copy of our feature guide too)

Also, if you click below, you’ll be redirected to a fully interactive demo of Totem that we went through during the meeting. This instance is built using the fictional company BananaCorp – they’re a great bunch (pun intended) – and looks great on a mobile:

If you need anything at all from us, my contact details are below:

Ted Hewett – ted@totem.team – 07814 544 669

Sam Little – sam@totem.team – 07884 113185

Hope you’re having a wonderful day 😁